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About Us

About Us

Yoga At Down Farm, is a secure and free space for you to explore your yoga practice, get to know yourself through movement and stillness. We offer a variety of classes for all different ages and stages of life. At Yoga At Down Farm, we believe that yoga is a means to connect the body, mind, breath and spirit allowing you to understand yourself deeper off the mat. Classes should contain different pranayama or breathing techniques, asana or movement in the body, time to withdraw the senses through Pratyahara and a variety of meditations allowing you time to reflect and connect with yourself and the environment around you.

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, come along and discover if the practice we offer is for you.


Laura Galvin

Laura is a RYT 500 hour qualified yoga instructor including Reiki and Thai yoga massage treatment. She obtained her qualifications through Thrive Yoga in Washington D.C USA with yoga alliance. 

She has been practicing yoga for over 17 years and loves to offer variety in her classes for all yogis from beginners to advanced practitioners alike including prenatal and injury recovery. 

Laura spends her time studying emerging techniques and Meditation and is always keen to share these practices with her students as we learn to reflect and connect with ourselves and the world around us. Laura also volunteers with the local school offering classes to children who might benefit from learning to listen to their bodies and emotions. She cares deeply for the environment and is an active participant in her community.

Laura is charismatic, joyful and eager to help you move along the path in front of you however she can. 


Natalie is a RYT-500 hour yoga teacher, trained in an integrative yoga practice called Sattva Yoga, rooted in the ancient yogic traditions of the Himalayas. She is also the founder of Body Kind Yoga, focused on promoting yoga for every body.


Having discovered yoga in 2017, Natalie has been practicing ever since. Her journey has taken her to the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, Northern India, where she completed her teacher training with Sattva Yoga Academy. It was in India where she discovered that Yoga exceeds beyond a form of exercise, that it combines movement, breath, energy, stillness and knowledge to allow us to become the best versions of ourselves. 


Most importantly, Natalie spends her time studying and promoting ways she can make yoga available for every one. She actively practices body positivity, and hopes to promote being kind to your body, mind and soul throughout her classes, workshops and retreats.


Natalie is kind, thoughtful and supportive of everybody’s unique journey in yoga, and is always ready to guide yogis wherever they are at. 

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Yoga At Down Farm 

Down Farm, Stockleigh English, Crediton, EX17 4DL

Tel: 07746747560


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